Designer & Developer

I am a Louisville-based designer/developer originally from Southern California. I graduated summa cum laude with my BFA in graphic design from University of Louisville in 2020. I am deeply fascinated with telling stories in digital spaces, and I thrive on projects that let me try something new. Web design and development are my main wheelhouse, but I am always on the lookout for opportunities to grow, as either designer or developer.

  • Design

  • Web & UX

  • Print

  • Identity

  • 3D

  • Development

  • HTML & CSS

  • JS & jQuery

  • PHP

  • Analytics

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image of Susan Pallmann
image of Susan Pallmann with her longboard

& Human Being

Well, close enough.

I try to apply the same passion I have for my work to the things I do in my free time, whether that's longboarding, playing video games, or taking care of (probably too many) plants. I also spend a lot of time learning; it is my opinion that learning is one of the best things one can do in life.