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Web Campaign

See the Bigger Picture


The goal of this project was to design, illustrate, and develop a website that informs users about the assistance zoos provide to global conservation work. In doing so, the website also needed to address the misconception that animals in zoos are unhappy or mistreated. It was also intended that the project take the user through a longer, storybook-like narrative. This project was collaborative, with much of the art direction, writing, research, and code being a shared effort.

mobile and laptop mockups demonstrating the support website's page is responsive
  • Awards

  • Student ADDY Judge's Choice (District), 2020

  • Student Silver ADDY (District), 2020

  • Student ADDY Best in Show (Local), 2020

  • Student Gold ADDY (Local), 2020

  • AIGA Flux Show UI/UX, 2020

  • AIGA Louisville Show, 2019

  • In Collaboration With

  • Daniel Terrington

mobile mockups of key screens from the website


The concept for the project began with a tagline, "see the bigger picture," encouraging the audience to think about the well-being of all animals, not just the few held in zoos. Playing off of the visual element of seeing more than what's immediately visible, the project began to take on to a sort of "hide and seek" interactive concept where more animals are revealed as the user scrolls. An illustrative style and rhyming verbal content further heightened the sense of reading a storybook, and made the message more approachable.

handwritten notes of an original idea web, starting with the slogan 'see the bigger picture'


As this project spanned not only design, but also illustration and web development, the overall website was created in three major legs, each with their own phases of research, planning, and execution. Illustration was the first phase following the concept. The full-width illustrations had to blend into a scrolling page, and have layers able to move independently to simulate parallax depth. Additionally, they would hold the most visual power, so research into composition and contrast made up the bulk of the process. Once a style and illustration guidelines were nailed down, the drawings came easier.

black and white in-process illustration of Addax from support zoos website
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illustration of a globe with animals from the support zoos website on it

Final Design

See the Bigger Picture launched successfully at Although primary traffic is largely through the United States, analytics show that the site gets international visitors as well due to social media sharing by zoo enthusiasts. Each rhyme and accompanying illustration tells the story of a zoo's recovery efforts in a different species' conservation, and the supporting pages bring the user to ways they can help (besides visiting the zoo).