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Crescendo (adverb) — In music, a gradual increase in loudness.

A crescendo is depicted in music theory as a long V on its side, starting with the small end at the left, and opening up to the right.

Crescendo is a fictional concert hall that hosts musical events spanning a wide range of genres. Its marketing goals are primarily focused on public-facing promotional materials about upcoming events. For this reason, the ideal brand identity for Crescendo makes clear at a glance where the event is being held, who is playing, and what genre it falls under. Crescendo's visual identity is built around the concept of portraying music visually, using mixed or overlapping colors to represent mixed or overlapping notes — harmony.

  • Awards

  • Student Silver ADDY (District), 2021

  • Student Silver ADDY (Local), 2021

  • AIGA Louisville Show, 2020

crescendo logo design
crescendo brand identity book showing color guidlines
crescendo stationery designs

A Branded Experience

Crescendo aims to affirm its identity as a place that facilitates memorable experiences from the initial buying process until the end of the event — and perhaps even after that. For this reason, the identity continues to be consistent across a variety of media the audience might interact with, from the app to view tickets, to the wayfinding system within Crescendo's campus, to the event tickets themselves.

crescendo ticketing app design in mobile mockups
crescendo ticket mockup
example of a crescendo event program
image of crescendo wayfinding with directions on a column and genre-themed patterns in a doorway in the background
image of crescendo wayfinding showing genre-themed patterns in a hallway leading to a concert hall

Crescendo Typography

Crescendo's logotype utilizes this same concept of using the overlap of color to represent harmony. Additionally, its geometric letterforms are built almost entirely from lines and elipses, much like music notation.

These fonts are suited for display purposes. Though it has a few color options to account for the variety of applications such type might be used for, it should never be used for body copy, and discretion should be used when deciding which color option to use. It does, however, create a visually striking and unified logo.

alphabet samples of fonts crescendo duo and crescendo trio
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Final Design

Crescendo's brand identity is designed to be a colorful celebration of music and those who love music. Its use of visual harmony represents not only the harmony found in music, but the harmony people find with each other through music in one inclusive concert hall.

crescendo brand identity book showing the crescendo fonts