thomas edison

mockup of the complete edison folio

Print Design

Thomas Edison Folio


The goal of this project was to design a short folio about a famous person, making prominent use of type and the grid. While Thomas Edison was chosen as the subject matter for this project, the approach was a contemporary one. The folio instead was designed as though Edison was going to be speaking at a conference soon, and this pamphlet was promoting the event.

edison folio cover spread
edison folio interior spread

Color Correction

To keep with the notion that this event is a modern one, some modest color correction was done on the image of Thomas Jefferson (photograph from the Wikimedia Commons).

image showing before and after color correction of a photo of thomas edison


The folio is conceptually bound by two of Edison's famed inventions. The white lines that run through the publication represent electric current, a visual nod to Edison's electric power distribution idea. The yellow fields that grow across the page represent light, referencing (of course) the light bulb, perhaps the best-known of all.

mockup of the complete edison folio