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Everyday Mood Log App


Sometimes moods can seem unpredictable when really there is an underlying cause behind it. Everyday is an app designed to let users record their moods and daily behaviors. The hope is that tracking this data will let users notice patterns in how their behavior or habits affect their moods, and lead to better days overall.

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    Creating Better Days

    The core of the app is simple. The dashboard has a calendar in which users can see their moods on any given day, represented by color. Expanding that particular day will reveal what behaviors were logged for that day. For example, a user might notice that an unusually bad day was also a day where they had more coffee than they typically do.

    mobile mockup of Everyday's dashboard and stats pages

    All About User Research

    Although the concept sounds simple in theory, there are a lot of complex interactions involved, so the app design process was marked by two rounds of user interviews and testing to validate any assumptions being made.

    some of Everyday's design atoms that make up the larger system

    Atomic Design

    Although this app is not currently being developed, it was designed with a future web application in mind. Smaller elements that were repeated across the whole design were created to be consistent and easy to code with CSS later on.

    User Flow

    In addition to user testing, each phase of the design process was considered with a human-centered perspective. Different use cases were considered with user stories, and navigation was developed with user flow diagrams, even distinguishing between new, starting, and experienced users.

    user flow diagram, divided by new, starting, and experienced users
    mobile mockup of confirmation screens

    Ease of Use

    The research showed that most users have difficulty forming a habit if it is difficult or time-consuming. To prevent this fatigue, the daily log part of the app is designed to only require simple gestural interactions, like swiping. The “continue” button is always in the same place to further expedite interactions.

    Signaling Trust

    Since the app is marketed especially to people with mental health concerns, there is considerable emphasis on signaling trust to the user. Things like progress bars and save confirmations exist to let the user have clear expectations about their time and information when using the app.

    Next Steps

    Everyday is a passion project that I strongly believe in and I fully intend to develop it into a functioning web app going forward. To do so will call for more user research and a great deal of development work, but the effort will be worth it to help people understand their mental health in a more proactive way.