futura zine

mockup of finished futura zines

Print Design

Futura Zine


The task was to design a zine that expressed a type family, Futura, through a variety of formats, including conceptually and through a personification of the typeface. These requirements informed a sort of retro-futurism theme that unified the publication. The use of geometric shapes also tied Futura's letterforms to this retro theme on another level.

  • Exhibited

  • Bridwell Art Library 2017

mockup of futura zine spread showing type samples
mockup of futura zine showing personification of futura
mockup of futura zine showing light writing reading 'futura'
image showing long-exposure photography of light that reads 'futura'

Light Writing

Futura is a typeface that was designed with an attitude that looks towards the future, and though it was created in the 1920s, it is still in widespread use to this day. This conceptual portrayal of Futura aimed to be forward-thinking as well, imagining a future where screens or paper aren't necessary for viewing typography. Although we are not in a screenless age yet, long-exposure photography can create a similarly holographic effect when light traces the letterforms.

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Final Design

Overall the range of requirements for the zine made for a lot of diverse content, but the use of grid throughout made it easier to unify. In situations where the imagery was dark (such as the light writing) the images were allowed to take up entire pages or spreads to increase the sense of drama as the reader turns the page.

mockup of finished futura zines